The Class 357 Electrostars are used for Stepford Connect services. These trains are 4 cars in length, with a maximum speed of 100 MPH.


  • The Class 357 is the most common train you can catch in service among Stepford Connect services, since the train is given free to everyone when they first join Stepford County Railway. Only 1 train operator (c2c) uses these in real life.
  • These trains appear very similar to the Class 170s and Class 171s, however, they are in different train families. Also, Class 170 and 171 are operated with diesel-fueled engines, while the Class 357 operates with electricity.
  • The Class 357 is also nicknamed the "newbie train" due to train going used by new players.
  • These usually run on the Stepford Victoria - Airport Central route. It is rare to see these trains on another route. Thats becuase the first route you get free when you are joining the game for the first time is the Stepford Victoria <-> Airport Central route.