The Class 387 Electrostar trains are used for WaterLine services. These trains are 4 cars in length, with a max speed of 110 MPH. This train costs 2250 points.


  • Because of the high max speed of these trains, it is much harder to make them full stop.
  • Oddly, they are much more frequently used in service than the Class 377s, which are almost identical.
  • Before the Big Update, these trains could not go to Newry Harbour because "The line was not electrified", according to some of the Managers.
  • These are literally the fastest trains in SCR. Along with the Class 802. However, because of the lag that it produces, drivers may not feel like the fastest train. The slowest train is the Class 465.
  • These trains were refurbished with a new door chime and a darker blue colour in v1.1, however, this is not shown in sneak peeks.