Newry Harbour is a terminal station in the Newry Zone. It is served by WaterLine services to Connolly.

Platform Layout

Platform 1 Terminating, WaterLine services to Connolly


  • Prior to the Big Update, this station served WaterLine services to/from Greenslade.
  • This is the only station that has only 1 platform in the entire game, making it also the smallest station in the entire game. (Before WaterLine was added, Port Benton was also singular platform and the smallest station.)
  • Prior to the Big Update, Class 387s were banned from entering this station, only allowing Class 165 and Class 166 trains.
  • By chance on a very busy server, due to the singular track, it can be annoying in traffic. Delays up to three minutes might occur. (Only if you are early or on time at Newry)
  • In V1.1, scenery for this station was updated.