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About Stepford County Railway

Stepford County Railway is a British-based railway network simulator on Roblox, the most popular online gaming community in the world. Across the whole network, two operators currently run services - Stepford Connect and WaterLine. Systems such as scheduling, CIS boards, automated announcements, advanced signalling, and AWS and TPWS are in place. You can play as a passenger, a driver, a dispatcher, a signaller, and eventually become a high rank by applying.

The game was founded on 15 March, 2017, and is currently on version 1.0.22. It has over 1.6 million visits, with thumbsup percentage of around 80%. It has also been favorited by over 22 thousand players.

About the Stepford County Railway Unofficial Wikia

Here at the SCR Unofficial Wikia, we are a community that strives to provide all of the accurate information on Stepford County Railway you need to know. We aim for the information we provide to have little to no bias. Please help us improve by contributing your own edits after creating a Wikia account!

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