Here are some major events to have happened in SCR history, such as the 1M Update and the adding of the Class 380 to the Stepford Connect fleet.

SCR History



  • January (Date unknown): The class 720 was added.
  • January 1: The Class 170 was added.
  • January 5: Run button was added.
  • January 9: Benton was remodeled to what it is today.
  • April 21: The Big Update (SCR Version 1.0) is released. New features include the new driver GUI and new stations, as well as smarter signal systems and some changes to stations/tracks. Six stations were added.
  • June 12: 1.1 was first announced to the public in the form of the Signaller's blue dot.
  • June 14: Rita Ora - Anywhere is removed for unknown reasons (possibly copyright reasons) and replaced by Nice Summer.
  • August 18: The day we all waited for. SCR reaches 1 million visits! As a thank you from Charlie, he released the surprise One Million Update.
  • November 1: A new official way of roleplaying in Stepford County Railway, In-Game-Shift held its grand opening. This was innovated by [SG] Quality_Content1 and is run by him and [HNS] Billythepet.
  • November 4: Many of the High Rank roles were renamed. For example, the rank [PS] Platform Supervisor was renamed to [SDS] Senior Dispatcher.
  • December 1: The Sneak Peak Advent Calendar for upcoming SCR Version 1.1 began. The #sneak-peeks channel in the Discord was renamed to #advent-calendar for this occasion. There were 24 sneak peeks shown, with one being posted daily.
  • December 24: #advent-calendar was renamed back to #sneak-peeks. 1.1 got an official release date at the same time, slated for December 31.
  • December 31: At 12:00 UTC, Stepford County Railway version 1.1 was released. Many features like AirLink, lots of new infrastructure and rolling stock, and many other changes were added.


  • January 9: Signallers are finally earning points by signalling, ranging from (3 points + 1 xp)/min to (12 points + 4xp)/min on V1.1 Patch 3. The level crossings at New Harrow, Elsemere Pond and East Berrily were fixed. Also, special badges are now awarded.